Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's not easy being a hand model!

My friend and fellow blogger, Steph of Makeup Babble / Nail Babble, did my nails today and had me model them for her new business cards - it was such an honour, and tons of fun!  Just look at the designs - how could that not be fun?!  Steph, you did an amazing job and I've already received tons of compliments on my nails...not just because of the loudness, but because of the quality and uniqueness!

The photoshoot was fun...ny :) We shot it in the trunk of her SUV and because it was quite breezy, my goosebumps were pretty intense!  We also had trouble working the DSLR, even though I've taken a course in the past, but luckily my boyfriend came home and helped us figure it out.  These pictures turned out much better than I would have imagined :) and I am loving the vibrancy of them!  Which nail is your favourite design?

Getting my nails done like this and chatting it up with Steph inspired me to get back into nail art, learn some new tricks...and BLOG!  I've been wanting to get back into blogging regularly for hair, makeup & nail tips, so I've started tonight :)

Stay tuned for a review on a Flat Iron Straightener from Misikko!