Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Product Review: Misikko's Hana Flat Iron

I had the privilege of testing out one of Misikko's new additions to their Ceramic Flat Irons!  John, from Misikko, was extremely generous in sending me samples, travel cases and other products along with the Hana Professional Pink Flat Iron.  Apologies to Misikko for taking so long to launch this post, but here it is :)

The flat iron was marvelous!  Yes, that's the first word that comes to mind.  To be honest, I was comparing it to the CHI flat iron, which I current own and the hana flat iron had high standards to meet.

  • A little too pink for me
  • Heats up SUPER fast (Approx 45 seconds)
  • Has several different heat settings
  • Makes my hair feel silky smooth afterward
  • Straightens hair really well at only medium temperature
Overall, it's a terrific product and I highly recommend it!!  It made my hair feel silky smooth and created a super straight look.  I had taken photos of the results, but once I uploaded them, I realized my shirt didn't allow the true results to I will wear a lighter colour next time I use the iron, and post the results.  I especially love that it came with a heat-proof travel case and a rubber mat (shown in the above picture) to place my iron on - very useful!

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