Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Check out this site - LivingSocial

When you join via this link, you get $5 "deal bucks" to use towards your first deal!  It's free to sign up for LivingSocial and there are no obligations.  Free $5 - why not, right?

There's a new deal EVERY DAY and they're pretty sweet.  I just purchased a Deluxe Mani/Pedi with paraffin at this nice "green" spa for only $40!  I've also come across many others for 50%+ off!

Also, the sweet thing is that after you buy a deal, if you can get 3 others to use your personal link to purchase the same deal, you will get your deal for FREE!  You have til the end of the day to do that so it's always best to check the daily deal in the morning ;)

Use Facebook, your blog, Twitter, etc to spread the word about this!  Every girl loves a deal.  I love that I'm helping others find sweet deals and benefiting from it myself too!  Win/Win!

There are deals for all over, especially in the States - so check it out!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Urban Glamour Market - a Mint Events Vancouver event!

The Urban Glamour Market on July 14th was a successful one!  People came out and shopped, ate some appetizers, enjoyed delicious drinks, took pictures at the photobooth, did some networking and shopped some more!  The atmosphere was perfect - thanks to Terracotta Modern Chinese Restaurant for setting the mood.

The goody bags for the first 50 customers were a huge hit!  It included items from Black Kat Orchids, LemonPie, herrohachi tees, Damsel in DisDress, Got2be Boutique, Dolce Delights, Voltage, Gourmet Cuisine, Mighty Ugly, Hair Envi, Bisou MUA and Trinklets Creations.

Le Studio was there with their unique type of photobooth!  Everyone had a ton of fun posing for the camera and take-home prints were developed in just 10 seconds!  Le Studio will be spotted at many more MEV events to come.

Charles de Jesus took some really great photos throughout the night!  He provided me with all the photos and they are now shared on my Facebook.  For an UNedited job, these photos are awesome.  View his website to see more of his work.

Trinklets Creations provided lovely tablecloths for each of the vendors as well as the Advertising Booth and Registration table.  They do work for weddings, banquets, etc.  Check out the website for their reasonable costs!

There were tons of door prizes to be won and the lucky winners received gifts from herrohachi tees, Black Kat Orchids, Croisette jewelry, Moddest Goddess jewelry, Damsel in DisDress, POOQ, Got2be Boutique, Love, Death and Sacrifice and Arbonne!

The next Urban Glamour Market will be happening at the same venue, Terracotta on 52 Alexander St in Gastown, on Wednesday, August 18th from 7:00-10:00pm!  Get there on time as there will be another awesome goody bag and lots of door prizes to be won throughout the night!  Stay tuned for more details.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Urban Glamour Market

For those bloggers who live in the lower mainland, be sure to come check out my Urban Glamour Market at Terracotta Modern Chinese (52 Alexander) this Wednesday, July 14th from 6:00pm-midnight!

RSVP on Facebook and support my new events company but following Mint Events Vancouver on Facebook or Blogspot as well!  Thanks for all the love!

Stay tuned for a giveaway, once all the craziness w/ my event dies down :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My finds at the Portobello West market

Another long overdue blog for ya'll...hehe I attended the Portobello West market at the end of May and was quite impressed!  There were tons of vendors selling everything from clothing to lotions to jewelry.  There was no chance of me leaving empty-handed.
I walked around most of the market before I made my first purchase.  Was tempted to buy a LOT but I thought I'd scope out the place before I end up buying one item for every table...and there were like, 50 tables!

My first purchase was from Bling Squared!  A couple owns the company (though the wife wasn't there) and they have a ton of unique designs.

For $30, I got a super cute glass sculpture Octopus necklace!  They also had pandas, ninjas, piggies, mice, and a couple others.  Super unique, super fun!  If I ever saw them again, I think I'd purchase the ninja octopus :)

My next & final purchase was from herrohachi tees!...which also happens to be a friend's friend (didn't realize until AFTER I purchased it) who I had met a few days earlier at the Kitty Candyland event!

My boyfriend & I purchased our first matching tees...haha They are so awesome that we couldn't resist.  Each of our tshirts came in a cute chinese takeout box, sealed with the "herro?" sticker.

What a creative business idea!!  Check out herrohachi tees' Facebook page and soon to be launched website.  Plenty of other cool designs at very reasonable prices.  Their stuff is so awesome that I have invited them to my event, the Urban Glamour Market!  If you live in Vancouver, I hope that you will come out to support, drink a little, eat a little, and shop a lot!  This event is also made to be a social/networking event where companies will be showcasing and selling their products.  I am very excited about it as I know it will be as super fun night!

Tomorrow night, I am determined to play around w/ my new nail art expect a post on how that goes soon ;) Have a great week, everyone!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glamour Buzz as an Arbonne Consultant!

So as I've mentioned in previous blogs, I recently started up an events planning company called "Mint Events Vancouver".  It's been going GREAT and we have lots of events coming up in I'm very excited :)

Not that it wasn't enough work for me, but I was finding myself wanting something more for fulfillment and income...and at the same time, I was trying to cure my stubborn eczema!  Well, my friend introduced me to her friend who does spa/skincare/cosmetic/nutritional parties for a living with Arbonne and it made me kinda curious...more so for the products than the business :)  I hosted a skincare party and INSTANTLY fell in love with the products!  We got to try tons of products, not just from the skincare line, and it turned out to be such a fun night w/ my girlfriends!

My boyfriend's sister was one of the girls attending and was completely sold on the business opportunity as soon as she realized how amazing the products were.  She's currently on mat leave and wanted something just like this so that she wouldn't have to go back to work in the office full-time.  She loved her office job, but loves her baby son so much more :) of course.  Anyways, she signed up and then I decided to sign up too!

Arbonne is an amazing opportunity to have that flexible schedule, pamper yourself with its products, host fun spa parties, network (this'll help my events company too!) and make some extra income!  As if tonight, I now have my own Arbonne website so I can reach out to all of you in the States :)

But what I originally came to blog about were the PRODUCTS!

Here are some of my absolute favourites that I'd love for all of you to check out on my website in the "Shop Online" section:
  • FC5 Mattifying Powder
  • FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub
  • Skin Conditioning Oil
  • Made In The Shade Self-Tanner SPF 15
  • Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream
  • Arbonne Intelligence Daily, Self-Adjusting Shampoo
  • Makeup Primer
  • Lip Polish in Pearl
  • Foaming Sea Salt Scrub
  • Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H
Those are just some of my favourites.  The Skin Conditioning Oil & Rejuvenating Cream are what has cured my eczema!  I usually have an eczema breakout every 3-5 days.  I haven't had a breakout in the last 2 weeks, and I'm lovin' it!

Back to being party of Arbonne...there are a ton of deals & incentives for Preferred Clients ($35 membership, only $18 to renew each year) and Consultants ($130 membership/start-up kit, $18 to renew each year).  To paint you a picture, I've saved 35%, 50%, 80% and 100% on my orders so far!  Arbonne offers tons of free gifts and products at insanely cheap prices, and sometimes FREE!

Take a look at my website and let me know if there are any products that interest you :) Feel free to go ahead and order them right away too!  If you would like to become a consultant and start earning some cash, I will help you build your business and show you how to succeed!

Alright, it's time for me to go to 6:05AM.  Darn evening naps...hehe

Have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kitty Candyland

This blog is waaaaaaaay overdue - I apologize!  But the past is the past, and now I am dedicated to keeping up my blog :) Please come back to visit me, guys!

Anyways, I attended the Kitty Candyland event on May 26th at the Refinery in Vancouver.  The event didn't start until 8:00pm but we went an hour early to make sure that we got the giftbox (gift for the first 100 attendees).  There was no lineup so we went to SIP Resto Lounge beside it and drank a bottle of wine - it was half price, how could we not?! lol At 8:00pm, the line started forming (yes, we could've come right at 8:00pm and been okay to get the gift boxes still...haha) so we finished up our wine and joined the lineup!  There was a group of girls that arrived totally smashed and they couldn't even balance - not very classy.  Anyways, we got our ticket to collect the giftbox at the end and headed upstairs to the Kitty Candyland event!

The setup was gorgeous!!  Totally glamourous with big huge feathers, a cotton candy machine, a candy bar with cute little favors and a DJ.  At the end of the restaurant, there were a couple games going on and I won a sample of SJP's perfume!  Haven't tried it yet but maybe I'll wear it for my girls night next week :) The event was fun and I ran into a few friends...the only thing was that it was very crammed.  I found it hard to walk anywhere because it was so narrow and the servers struggled to get through the crowd with their trays full of food.  Overall, it was a super fun event and the giftbox made it TOTALLY worthwhile!

I believe I paid $15 and it included admission and a kittycard (otherwise it would've only been $10, if I didn't need a kittycard).  Because I was one of the first 100 people to arrive, I got this amazing giftbox full of all the above goodies!  My most favourite gift was the Luxe lashes!  There were tons of samples, coupons and little gifts inside which made my $15 admission fee soooo worth it.

Hats off to Lexie & her company for putting on such an awesome event and building her company the way she has!  To purchase or find out more about their fabulous discount card, check out their website:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

INSANITY Workout - Week 1

I have lots and lots and lots and lots of material to blog about but I've been pretty lazy about uploading/editing/posting pictures.  Promise I will get to it sometime this week because I really want to share some stuff w/ you guys!

Upcoming Posts:
  • Kitty Candyland Event
  • Portobello West Market
  • Marcelle/Annabelle Mineral Products
  • Beauty Tips
  • Purchases off eBay
  • My own upcoming events!
Until then, I'd like to find something that's fast & easy to post on my blog to keep you all entertained!  I've chosen to share with you my experiences during the BeachBody INSANITY 60-Day Total-Body Conditioning Program!  My boyfriend & I started it last Monday and it has been INTENSE...or should I say, insane?

What you need: The DVDs and yourself!...and water & a towel!  You don't need any equipment, not even a yoga mat.  I love that part because it takes the excuse away of not having the right equipment and just makes set up a little easier!

Day 1 - Fit Test
We followed a bunch of different exercises and did as many reps as we could in the allotted time.  We recorded our stats and then every two weeks, we'll do the Fit Test again to see our improvement!  Our next Fit Test is on June 28th.

Day 2 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
I was pretty damn sore from the Fit Test (especially because my competitive side took over and I pushed even harder to beat my boyfriend's records) so this workout was tough.  To be honest, I could barely walk because my core & my calves were so sore!  I powered through the 40 minute video and managed to finish it, with a few breaks...but even the pros in the videos need to take breaks sometimes, so I didn't beat myself up about that.

Day 3 - Cardio Power & Resistance
I was suuuuuuper sore from the previous days so I thought it would be impossible for me to do this workout.  I could barely turn on my side when I woke up because all the muscles felt like they were working it to their max! haha I walked like a slow robot throughout the day to avoid feeling the muscle aches...but there was no avoiding the pain.  But I couldn't quit!  My boyfriend challenged me to complete Week 1 and then he'd take me on a shopping trip the States - that's some good motivation!  After the intense warm up, my muscles were good enough to get through the 40 minutes.  I made sure to have a recovery drink after that one.

Day 4 - Cardio Recovery
I don't think it's fair that they use the word "recovery" because the workout is still so hardcore! haha I guess it was still a nice break from the craziness but I still dripped sweat and felt completely done by the end of it.  By the way, I forgot to mention that I am dripping sweat by the end of EVERY workout...and I don't usually "drip" sweat.

Day 5 - Pure Cardio
Pretty much every day is cardio, getting your heart rate way up, but this one was PURE cardio.  Another intense 40 minute workout to help you burn fat and improve your endurance!  My endurance was already improving by this day and I was learning to breathe better too.

Day 6 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Same video as Day 2 but this time, I didn't start out with aching muscles, stopped way less, and felt stronger through exercises!  I was feeling pretty good about the INSANITY program because I was already noticing results.

Day 7 - Every Sunday is a REST DAY!  A part of me actually missed the workout that day, but my body needs to recover.  I think I will go rollerblading or use our recumbent bike on Sunday, just to get that fulfillment :)

I just completed Day 8 and am onto Day 9, but you'll hear more about that next Monday ;)  Let me know if you're planning on trying out this 60-day program to earn your beach body for the summer time!

Have a great week, everyone!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


So, I've decided to go w/ one of my own event name ideas, "Urban Glamour Market".  Actually, I brainstormed w/ my boyfriend's sis & her husband hehe but it's an awesome one, so thank you to them for their creativity!

I'm not going to sell out on my contest though so I've chosen my favourite of the suggestions I received.  The winner of my short (but sweet) "NAME THAT EVENT" Contest is....

*drum roll*

JOYCE WONG of Sparkley Playground who suggested "Circa Market"!
Congratulations, Joyce!! and thank you for your great suggestion :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Don't worry, I haven't disappeared off the face of the planet...I've just been extremely busy with my new event planning company starting up, but that's not a bad thing :) I just finished an event and currently have 5 in the making!  It's VERY exciting for me.

Anyways, I have several things to share but they all go w/ photos and I haven't yet edited them... so instead, I will host a CONTEST!!

The contest name is...


On July 14th, I will be hosting an event where about 10 vendors will come and sell their products - like jewelry, accessories, pillow monsters (that's you, Klaudea!), clothing and several other randoms.  It's generally going to be an art & fashion market but I may add in some skincare products and maybe even an oxygen bar if my phone meeting goes well w/ that company!  Not only will people come to buy, but they'll also go there to eat, drink and mingle.  I'm holding it at a trendy restaurant called Terracotta - Modern Chinese and it'll be from 6:00pm-midnight.

Now, the contest part is to think up a creative name for my event!  I kind of run into a mind block when thinking up event names so I need your help.

To get you started, these types of events are usually called markets or bazaars...but I want something really creative & unique, also short & sweet, and something that represents everything about the night!

The one who's name I choose will be the WINNER so please include your email address in your comment so I can contact you.  Limit ONE name entry per person and you must be a follower of mine.  Contest ends Tuesday, June 15th (need to start advertising by then) I will announce the winner on immediately!

The prize is...


Victoria Secret lip balm (used 1x), Urban Decay sample lipstick, Urban Decay sample lipgloss, Bronzer Powder, Smashbox Highlighter, two Blushes, four Lipsticks, Sephora hand lotion

Good luck, everyone, and thanks for participating!

ps: So excited for UFC to be in Vancouver this weekend, and I get to go watch the weigh in's on Friday! but so sad that GSP won't be in town :( I already checked w/ a friend's agent...let's just hope my source is wrong hehe

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hair Care

As some of you may recall, I borrowed a book from the public library called KISS: Guide to Beauty.  Well, I've renewed it twice so that I can get through it.  It's a big textbook and I've been hooked on my other novel...haha

Today, I am going to share some good tips on hair care!  We all want to have strong, healthy here are a few tips on how we can make that happen.

Shampoo is only required to sweep the dirt off your hair but some harsher shampoos also take away your protective sebum, which could result in damaged hair.  When washing hair, concentrate shampoo at the roots of your hair and allow the shampoo to flow down your hair as it is rinsed out.  It isn't necessary to lather your entire head as it creates tangles and dries out the ends.  Also, it is not necessary to wash your hair everyday as it could be damaging...instead, you could just skip the shampoo and only use condition every second day.

Not every hair type required a conditioner but most do.  Conditioner adds moisture to our hair and lubricates strands to reduce static electricity which also keeps hair from getting dry/brittle and making hair easier to brush.  For those w/ fine, thin hair, body-building conditioners are great because they are so light that they don't add a lot of moisture which would weigh down your hair.

Semi-homemade spray-on conditioner recipe:
8 oz spray bottle (available at drugstore or dollar stores)
1 tablespoon of your favourite conditioner

Please a tablespoon of your favourite conditioner in the spray bottle, then fill it up with water.  Shake well before using to control frizzies, condition dry ends, or to treat dehydrated hair.  Note: For less conditioning, use less conditioner and vice versa

Homemade deep conditioner recipe:
4 teaspoons almond, sesame, or avocado oil
2 teaspoons coconut oil (available in health food stores)
3 teaspoons honey
1 teaspoon cider vinegar

In a saucepan, slowly heat all ingredients except for the honey & vinegar.  Remove from heat, allow to cool, the stir in the honey & vinegar.  After shampooing, massage the mixture into the hair, comb gently through the strands and leave on for 15 minutes.  Rinse well with warm water.

A few more quick tips:
  • Don't comb/tug roughly while hair is wet, only dry hair should be brushed
  • Only use tight hair clips or ties 2-3x a week
  • If you like using your blow-dryer, make sure to get a thermal formula to protect your locks
  • Use a gentle shampoo; you only need the soap to remove excess dirt
  • Use the conditioner appropriate for your hair type (fine, damaged, colour-treated, tangle-prone, dry, oily, etc) to get the best results
  • Natural boar bristle brushes help removed dirt from hair shaft and distribute moisturizing sebum from scalp to hair ends
  • Thoroughly brush dry hair (10-15 brush strokes), starting upside down from your neckline and around the rest of your hair "against the grain" to create fullness and in the long run, possibly avoid bald spots
  • Treat yourself to a scalp massage w/ scalp oil once in awhile
  • Find a good hairstylist (I recommend The Scissors in Burnaby on Edmonds St)
I'm trying to grow out my hair right now so I want to keep my hair healthy as possible.  I think I can definitely learn to let my hair down more rather than tying it back all the time.  One thing I swear by is using a thermal formula (I recommend Tre Semme's) as it makes my hair feel soft afterward with zero build up!  I can really tell the difference when I don't use it.

I hope you found a few tips to try out on yourself and to help keep your hair healthy!  If you have any tips of your own or suggestions for shoulder length hair styles for me, please feel free to share them :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Blog Sale

Hey everyone!

I've just created a Blog Sale page to get rid of make up, jewelry and clothing that I don't use.  My first post has just been created and it's all make up! :)

Go take a look here.  I hope you can all find something!

Happy shopping!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spend Less, Stay Gorgeous

I accidentally took a 1-hr nap after eating at Society, a trendy new restaurant participating in Dine Out Vancouver, and now I'm WIDE awake at 4:30am...but it's okay.  Since I woke up from the nap, I had a 2-hr workout, designed my business cards, filed my nails and checked out a couple of blogs!

So, today I'll be sharing some ideas on how to beautify your outer self while on a tight budget.  That's not to say that you can forget about your naturally beautiful inner self though ;) hehe

With the economy these days and HST taxes approaching, we'd all love to save some money without sacrificing our beauty. Here are some ideas on how to do so!

Just being a blogger could get you free products!  A lot of make-up companies out there send bloggers loads of products to test and review.  I'm lucky enough to receive something in the mail every once in awhile :)

Not sure how many other beauty shops do this but Sephora supplies samples of make-up when you want to test one out.  I went there to pick up a couple of foundation samples because I was tossing between Lancome & MUFE, and they give a pretty decent size sample!  I've only tried each one once so far, but I'm pretty sure the amount could last for 4-5 uses.  I'm also glad I asked for samples 'cause the foundation I was originally going to buy really didn't work well w/ my skin type.

No skills necessary!  Last week, my friend asked me to attend her nail tech class for a manicure.  I got the real deal - filing, buffing, cuticles, massage, polish.  She gave me a full manicure free of charge and it was lots of fun!  I even gained some hair tips from her teacher..bonus! hehe  At the same beauty school, I've helped out a friend's friend who needed a model to do make-up application on.  Her exam required her to do a Day look and an Evening look, and I got to leave w/ the Evening look on!  Very fun.

A lot of people are drawn away from new trainees at salons, but just like I trusted my friend to do my manicure, I trusted a lady at my lash place to apply lash extensions on me!  The application was free (reg $65) because she has to complete 200 hrs of training.  The lashes didn't last long and they weren't perfect, but it was still nice being pampered and at least I had the glam look for a few days :)  She also offered a free fill (reg $35) but I was going to Seattle and took them all out so that I wouldn't have to worry about them.

All of the above ideas are for FREE products & services but there are also plenty of ways to beautify yourself in an affordable fashion.  I always check on Craigslist in the Beauty section.  You can often find specials on nail or waxing services, cheap massages, students looking for models (make-up app, cut & dye, hair styling, etc) or even sales on products in store.  Another way is to keep an eye out for make-up tradeshows or other events where you can score some crazy deals on products!

Well, there you have it!  Those are my techniques :)  What do you do to stay glamorous, get pampered and continuously add to your make-up collection?

Monday, April 26, 2010

My first ever Giveaway has ended!

And the WINNER is...

SUSANNA of This That My Life!!!

Congratulations, girl!  Please email me at w/ your complete mailing address and I will ship your prize this weekend.

Thank you to all of my followers!  I've finally hit 100 followers and will continue to grow thanks to your support and great feedback.

Please stay tuned as I will be setting up a BLOG SALE for you to purchase new & used (but cleaned) makeup as well as some fun accessories!

Have a terrific week, everyone!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick Hello!

Hello lovely readers!

Sorry for being so MIA lately.  Last weekend I took a life course and I have been busy setting & achieving goals.  It's been a pretty insane week, I must say...but a great one!  I'm getting into a really awesome workout routine (I've already worked out 7hrs since Monday!) and I'm setting goals to help me reach my dream career of becoming an Event Planner!

Anyways, I just wanted to come by and remind you all to enter yourself in my giveaway!  Deadline is TOMORROW.  I will be drawing the name in the evening and contacting the winner on Monday.  The prize will be shipped out next weekend when I go to the States, to save on some shipping costs ;)

Well, I'm off to run some errands now but I'd like to leave you guys with a quote that I recently came across...

"A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks."

Love it!!  So don't forget to smile, ladies! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Me in Three's

Lovely Jenny, who's blog is named "the skinnies" tagged me for this "Me in Three's" type game.  Well, I'm not so sure if you call it a game but it's one of those things you fill out and pass out to probably received tons of emails like these back in the day!  I'm not going to tag anyone, but I'm going to fill this out for fun and so you, my readers, can get to know me a little more :)

Three names I go by:
  • Sheenie
  • Sheenster
  • Slouie
Three jobs I have had:
  • Executive Assistant @ HSBC Canada
  • Server @ Cactus Club Cafe
  • Mail Coordinator @ ING Insurance
Three places I have lived:
  • Lexington, Kentucky
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Coquitlam, British Columbia
Three favourite drinks:
  • Lychee Green Tea Bubble Tea w/ Pearls
  • Non-fat No-whip White Chocolate Mocha
  • As of tonight, POMx Antioxidant Super Tea in Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea
Three TV shows I watch:
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • The Office
  • Ugly Betty
Three places I have been:
  • Mexico
  • Toronto
  • Dominican Republic
Three places I would like to visit:
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Australia
Three people who text me regularly:
  • Kenny (boyfriend)
  • Jon (bf's best friend)
  • Steph (one of my girlfriends)
Three favourite old TV shows:
  • Power Rangers
  • Full House
  • Family Matters
Three favourite dishes:
  • Pasta/Noodles
  • "Ham Sui Gok", a dim sum dish
  • Chicken Wings
Three makeup products I cannot live without:
  • Rimmel 16-hr Oil-Free Foundation
  • L'oreal Mascara Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara
  • Kat Von D's True Romance Eyeshadow Palette
Three things I am looking forward to:
  • Walk on the beach w/ my friends tmw
  • Getting a job and making income (had an interview today!)
  • Third lvl of life courses called "The Advancement of Excellence" this wkend

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April's Tips & Tricks

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend & I decided to finally rent books from our local library...and man, I've been missing out!  While he was looking for construction & home building books, I was 2 meters to his left discovering a whole section of beauty/skin/fitness/fashion books!  Above, is one of the three books I brought home to read this month.  It has loads of tips and awesome facts.  It's a little old, as it was published in 2001, but there's no doubt that it still holds it's credibility to what's true today.

In this month's "Tips & Tricks" blog, I am going to share some material I learned about skin!  Skin is a huge part of my beauty routine, mainly because I've always always always had troubled skin.  I was born with thin skin so without makeup, it's quite easy to see the veins on my face.  Around the age of 10, I developed eczema on my arms, inside my elbows.  At age 13, my eczema spread to my cheeks and it was very severe...and traumatizing as a kid.  Many treatments later, a doctor finally prescribed me Elocom which miraculously cleared my eczema in 2 days!  Three days later, I started developing acne which got the best of me until I was 20 and then went on a birth control, which stopped the breakouts by controlling the oil skin doc prescribed Diane35 specifically because it's best for acne.  Currently, at age 23, my skin is clear!  I just have a little dryness during the colder seasons, a few acne scars and eczema breakouts on the cheeks every once in awhile...all of which I can deal with and cover up!

Now that I finally have good skin, I want to keep it that way and continuously improve my skin.  What I really want is "glowing" skin like Kate Hudson's or Jennifer Aniston's - btw, did you guys hear that she's pregnant?!  I saw it on OK! magazine today and bought the issue, just haven't had the time to read it yet.

Anyways, let's get on with my tips & tricks for this month! :)

How to preserve your skin:
  • stay out of the sun & always wear sunscreen
  • don't smoke
  • avoid heavy drinking (1 glass of wine a day is okay)
  • give yourself between 7-9 hrs sleep a night and avoid "bed wrinkles" from your pillow or sheets
  • avoid stress
  • watch your diet, don't eat junk food
  • avoid rough skin treatments
    • picking pimples
    • using overly hot water
    • using harsh skin products
Eye Creams:
  • I never used to believe in eye creams until I started selling Usana products and learned more about them.  Although I don't have bags under my eyes, dark circles or crows feet, I learned that it's still great to use it now for prevention!  It also helps moisturize the skin around my eyes properly instead of using face lotions that are too harsh.  Eye creams are lighter in texture so that they don't harm your eye's delicate tissue.  Many of them also help with specific things like tightening the skin and treating puffiness.  The author of the above book, Stephanie Pedersen, says she no longer uses eye cream because as long as your face cream doesn't contain harsh ingredients that can irritate, it's okay...but in her case, she only used eye cream to moisturize around the eyes.  Overall, it's up to you and your needs!  If your eyes tend to get puffy, develop dark circles or show crows feet, I'd recommend finding an eye cream suitable to treat that.  If you just need something to moisturize around the eye, your daily face lotion could be gentle enough to do the trick!
Recipes for home blemish treatments:
  • Mix 1/2 teaspoons of yeast with a few drops of warm water to make a paste.  Smooth over pimple and rinse off after 20-60min.  Use once a day.
  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of warm water to form a paste.  Smooth over pimple and rinse off after 20-60min.  Use once a day.
  • Dab a drop of tea-tree oil on pimples up to 2x a day.  Test a tiny patch on your forearm 48 hrs prior to ensure it doesn't irritate skin.
Ways to improve complexion:
  • Oranges (vitamin C) are a good source of citric acid, which promotes clear & healthy complexion
  • Green tea extra may shrink precancerous skin lesions
  • Grape-seed extract (procyanidolic oligomers) strengthens capillary walls, reduce inflammation, and act as antioxidants on skin
  • Use masks regularly
Types of masks:
  • Clay & Mud masks (Recommend Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask)
    • Oily & Normal skin types
    • Use 1-2x weekly
    • Contains special type of purified mud or clay
  • Peel-off masks (probably too harsh for my super sensitive skin)
    • Oily, Normal & Dry skin types
    • Use 1-2x weekly
    • Gel formula
    • Can severely irritate sensitive/thin skin
  • Epidermal treatment masks (want to try the Sephora brand ones)
    • All skin types
    • Use 1-3x weekly
    • Face-shaped sheets infused w/ active ingredients such as antioxidants, moisturizers or alpha hydroxy acids
    • Modeled after epidermal patches, such as the ones used to deliver nicotine to smokers
  • Non-hardening masks (Recommend Usana's Nutritious Creme Masque)
    • Creamy formula for Normal & Dry skins
    • Gel formula for Sensitive & Irritated skins
    • Can be used daily
    • Tip: In the shower, cleanse skin and apply mask before regular shower routine.  This allows steam to open up pores.  Rinse masks off after 5 minutes.

Well, I hope I've provided you with some tips & tricks that you plan on trying out!  Half of the above material has improved my skin, and the other half are things that I want to try out :)

What are some skin-related tips & tricks that you swear by?  I'm looking for ways to solve my dry, flaky skin issue.  I exfoliate w/ St Ives microdermabrasion scrub and use really great day & night moisturizers.  I suppose I could start drinking more water...but what else??

Be sure to enter my Lashes & Lips giveaway before you leave my page!  Btw, if you haven't already noticed, I decided to change my giveaway deadline to Sunday, April 25th.  I figured that I might as well because the entries have slowed down and I will be going to the States on the following weekend, which gives me a perfect opportunity to ship from the States (so much cheaper).  Smart, right? ;) haha  Anyways, be sure to spread the word about my giveaway because it's almost over!

Alright, I'm off to work out for an hour (in a fitness competition w/ my friends & family) and then wrap up my day with a nice mask treatment.  Ciao for now!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: L'oreal True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup

My apologies for being so MIA lately!  The week just flew by for me...but mainly because I've been sleeping in too much which throws off the rest of my day. I'll go to the gym or run some errands and then have to come home and nap because the oversleeping made me tired! haha Vicious cycle.  But recently, my boyfriend's family & mine have combined to do a Fitness Competition where we have to eat well and workout to reach our fitness goals.  Mine is to lose 2-4lbs, gain a lot of muscle strength, improve my cardio & get super toned for the summer!  So, I'm trying to wake up early to workout w/ my boyfriend and that'll help me get a lot more things done in my day...such as job hunting, blogging, starting my scrapbook and cleaning house.

So, today I'll be reviewing L'oreal's True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup.  It has SPF 17 Sunscreen, is oil-free and comes w/ a sponge applicator & mirror.  I purchased this from Target for only $2.68 USD!  It sells for much more in Canadian drugstores (I'm guessing over $10) but I lucked out at Target because they had a ton of random items on clearance.  Not all the colours of this compact where on sale but the one that matched my skin was!

  • Great packaging
  • I like the size of the compact and that it comes w/ a sponge & mirror
  • Wide range of colour choices to match every skintone
  • Easy to apply, I use this makeup whenever I'm in a rush
  • Blends smoothly
  • Velvety feel, non-greasy & non-oily
  • Lightweight
  • Sponge applicator needs to be replaced every 5-8 uses otherwise it doesn't blend well
  • Staying power isn't very strong
Overall, I love having this compact makeup as a backup for days when I'm in a rush.  I don't even need setting powder because it leaves my skin velvety rather than sticky.  Also, the thing about having to replace the sponge applicator pretty often is no biggy because they're so dirt cheap and I could probably even try using my foundation brush to apply the product!  I'm so happy I bought this and will be keeping it in my makeup collection.

On a side note - did you guys hear that Sephora now has a Tokidoki line?!  Okay, most of you in the States have probably heard (because you lucky bums get all the good stuff first) but it only came out in Canadian stores last Wednesday.  I visited Sephora earlier this week to ask for foundation samples and saw the gorgeous display.  I loooooove the artwork, the vinyl toys & I have a bunch of the tshirts.  You can imagine how excited I got when I saw their makeup!  I will be purchasing the liquid eyeliner, an eyeshadow and maybe their shimmery bronzer in the near future.

Also, if you're wondering about which foundation samples I'm going to be trying out, I asked for two - Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra 14-hr Retouch-free Oil-free & Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet and Matifying Foundation.  Both received amazing reviews for their staying power and quality so we'll see which one works best w/ my skin :)

Alright, that's all for now!  Don't forget to enter yourself in my Lashes & Lips Giveaway!  Deadline is April 30th.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Skin Rev-er Upper

Never again will I take a nap!  No, I probably will again...but it's 4:57am and I'm WIDE awake because I napped from 4:30-6:30pm.  I was lying in bed playing games on my iTouch (Monkey Flight - I just installed it and it's super addictive, but silly) until I figured, I might as well just get up and do something since I won't be falling asleep anytime here I am, blogging! :)  I might as well stay up for another hour too because my boyfriend & I set our alarms for 6:00am to change my Facebook status to "no longer in a relationship" as an April Fools joke for those who go crazy over that shiet...muahahaha

Anyways, this morning, I will be reviewing the Bare Escentuals i.d. bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper.  It is absolutely amazing!!  How I found it?  I was cruising Sephora's website for foundation, was reading up on the BE powder foundations and then saw this lotion as a recommendation!  I checked out its reviews and there was a lot of positive feedback, plus it was only about $21 CDN and that doesn't seem that expensive when you're shopping at Sephora...haha

What this Rev-er Upper is supposed to do is even out your skin tone when it's dry/oily and give you a nice, smooth surface to work on when applying makeup.  Many reviewers used it without makeup as it improves the health of your skin and gives you a glow with continuous use.

I bought it and I absolutely love it!  Over the Winter season, I had an issue with flaky cheeks and an oily t-zone.  The first day I applied this, that problem disappeared!  It literally smoothed out my skin and gave me a nice canvas to work with.  It also spreads really well so all you need is one pump of the Rev-er Upper and you're good.

The instructions say to use it under face lotion or alone.  I've been using it under my regular face lotion and because it's so lightweight, there isn't even any difference in how my regular lotion feels!  The Rev-er Upper also helps my regular lotion spread smoothly so I end up applying less, which saves on lotion there AND I gt all the added benefits listed above!

I can't say enough how great this product is, and that's why I'm not even going to bother listing out Pros & Cons...because I have no Cons!  I love the bottle, I love the pump, and I LOVE the product!

Monday, March 29, 2010

"LASHES & LIPS" - my first ever GIVEAWAY!

It's time for Glamour Buzz's first giveaway!!  and it's a good one ;)  I'm calling this one my "Lashes & Lips" Giveaway.  I've purchased so many lipsticks, glosses, false lashes and lash extensions in the last month that I thought it would be appropriate.

Here's what you have a chance to win:

  • Ardell DuraLash Eyelash Extension Kit (includes 88 individual lashes, tweezers, adhesive, remover & instructions)
  • False Eyelashes
  • Clear Lash Glue
  • NYC Lip Slider (Sugar Baby)
  • Sephora Gloss Ultra-Brilliance (60 - Plum color)
  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme SPF15 (G280 - Mocha Ice)
  • Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Plumping Lipcolor (160 - Born With It)
  • Surprise gift!
Approximately $50 value!!

The Rules:
  • Deadline: Sunday, April 25th @ 11:59pm *pls note NEW date*
  • Must be a follower of "Glamour Buzz"
  • Only one entry per person
  • Post on your own blog:
    • Name of giveaway
    • Link to my blog
    • Photo of the giveaway prizes
  • Leave me a comment with:
    • The words "Enter me!"
    • Feedback/suggestions for my blog, as I'm still quite new
    • The link to your post mentioning my giveaway
I will cover the cost of shipping to those in North America.  If you would like to enter from outside the U.S. or Canada, I will cover the first $10 of shipping and ask you to send the remaining shipping fees to me via PayPal (payment must be sent after I obtain quote & before items are sent).

I will draw the name on May 1st and announce the winner.  Please check back to see if you've won!  I will give the winner until May 5th to claim their prize and then I will be choosing a new winner.  Once I have a winner confirmed, I will request their shipping information and send the prize within 48 hours.

GOOD LUCK to everyone!  and thank you for visiting my blog <3

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marcelle Review 5/5 - Lux Gloss

Final Marcelle Review!  I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review so many great products, and here is the final product - Marcelle's Lux Gloss!

Marcelle's Lux Gloss in "Whisper"

  • Good staying power
  • Sticky enough to maintain good staying power, but not so sticky that it feels gross or gooey
  • Nice colour, but a little too metallic for my tastes
  • Nice packaging
  • Good brush applicator
  • A bit too thick for my liking
  • Metallic, but that's my personal taste
Overall, I'd definitely recommend this gloss!  The Annabelle Le Gloss Lip Shine glosses would be great for casual dates where you don't need long lasting gloss and just want some added moisture.  The Marcelle Lux Gloss would be best for nights out when you want your color to last.  Both are great to keep in your purse and I will be buying more colours.

Here are the swatches:

With & Without Flash

I've been really excited to share my most recent haul from Secret Nail & Beauty with you guys!  I went last Thursday and got so much for just over $40.

I purchased:
  • Matte Nail Envy - to strengthen nails
  • China Glaze's "Bare if you Dare" - illuminated peach
  • OPI's "Up Front & Personal" - shimmery beige gold
  • OPI's "Jade is the new Black" - jade green
  • OutTheDoor Top Coat - fast drying, comparable to Seche Vite
  • Crystal Nail File
  • Kiss Me Eyeliner - brush it on, slide it off
  • Cyclic soap - contains silver to get out bacteria
I'm thinking of implementing the "Up Front & Personal" polish for the wedding I'm attending this weekend.  I think it'll go nicely with my royal blue dress!

I will be doing a review on the OutThe Door Top Coat once I use it.  I've been purchasing Seche Vite all this time and then I came across this one that the sales rep said is pretty much the same, but cheaper!  It was $4.99 for the bottle but there are large refill bottles (prob 5-6 small btls worth) for only $14.99.

I'll also be reviewing the Kiss Me Eyeliner!  I bought this trial size one for $2.50 because I was curious about it.  It basically sounds like a semi-permanent eyeliner.  It apparently doesn't flake, smudge or come off when you rub it... you have to apply warm water or soak it with a cloth for it to come off!  Interesting, eh?  I've also met someone who wore Kiss Me Tube Mascara and it's completely clump-less!  It comes off easily like regular mascara, but it was a really nice clean, shiny look.  I think I will take a look at the package next time I'm at the store.

Well, that's all for now!  I'm off to start my job hunting :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marcelle Review 4/5 - Hydra-C Complex E Hydrating Fluid

Alright, I'm too eager.  I had to come back & post about Marcelle's Hydrating Fluid.  I've been away from blogging for too long! haha

Anyways, here is Marcelle's Hydra-C Complex E Hydrating Fluid 24-H.  It contains Vitamins C & E, is Hypo-Allergenic and Perfume-Free like the Eye Contour cream and is for all skin types.

  • Nice packaging
  • I like the pump
  • Hydrates skin well
  • Feels nice and light on the skin
  • Quite gooey like the eye cream
  • Feels & looks a little sticky (but I cover it with makeup anyways)
And here's a quick nail tip!  Have you ever doubted the significance of base coat?  Well, I swear by base coat.  It protects your nail, helps prevent it from turning yellow, and helps keep the polish on!  Here's proof:

I finally tried to use the loose sparkles that I bought off eBay for nail art.  I applied a white polish on the tips of my nails in a triangular shape, dipped my nail into the jar of sparkles and then applied a top coat.

Two days later, the nail polish fell off my nail as one piece!  Usually, it'll just chip if I don't use a base coat and apply regular polish w/ top coat.  In this case, it fell off extra easy because I only used my top coat and it must not cling as well to the natural nail versus polish.  Anyways, there's your heads up on what you'd may get if you don't use a base coat! ;)

Marcelle Review 3/5 - Hydra-C Complex E Eye Contour

I apologize for my long absence!  Just got caught up with errands last week and then from Thurs-Sun, I attending another life course seminar called "The Wall" where we learned how to break down walls and better our relationship with ourselves.  I went with my boyfriend this time and I'm so glad I did.  It was an amazing experience and I'm so excited about moving forward in my life now!

Today, I will be reviewing Marcelle's Hydra-C Complex E Eye Contour Gel-Cream.  It contains Vitamins C & E and is Hypo-Allergenic & Perfume-Free.  The cream is used to help reduce puffiness & dark circles while also preventing the appearance of fine lines.

  • Nice packaging
  • I like that it has a pump
  • Doesn't irritate the skin
  • Hydrates
  • Pills on skin when I apply my under-eye concealer but is okay when I just use light foundation
  • Quite gooey
Overall, it's an okay product.  I haven't been able to see the difference in fine lines because I don't really have any right now, but I still believe in eye creams at the age of 23 for prevention.  Still, I much prefer Marcelle's makeup line than their skincare, to be honest.  I have only ever used Marcelle's eye cream & Usana's (which I sell on the side) and in comparison, the Usana one works best for me.

Here's a quick nail design using a deep red polish and white nail art brushes!  It was pretty quick & easy since it was just a solid colour underneath and the same design on each nail.  Try it! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ardell Flare vs Ardell Regular

This post is for all of those who ever love to glam up their lashes, whether it be for a certain occasion or for every day!  Personally, I like to go with the natural look on a daily basis, BUT I also love having gorgeous lashes 24/7.  A friend of mine recommended this semi-permanent lash kit by Ardell so when I went down to the States, I had to pick it up.  Let me share with you the two different styles:

Ardell Flare DuraLash

The Starter Kit

What you need: Starter Kit (lashes, glue, tweezers & glue remover for later), mirror, foil to hold glue and somewhat steady hands

 The result!

I used about 8 short & medium flare lashes on each eye which gave me this natural, pretty look.  I took my time applying it while watching Ugly Betty but I'd say that if you were focused on it, it would really only take you about 30 minutes...which is half the time and 1/6 of the price I pay going to a professional lash extension shop.

  • only $9.99 USD from Target
  • full, yet natural look
  • easy to apply
  • you have the choice of how long/dramatic you want to make it - you can choose from 3 different lengths and choose to put them all across the eye or just on the outer edges
  • starter kit supplies you w/ everything you need and will last for a long time
  • if it's not applied w/ the right amount of glue, it will fall off
  • when it falls off, it's embarrassing having a clump of lashes land on your cheek or missing from your set of lashes

Ardell Regular DuraLash

The Eyelash Extension Kit
 Regular lashes w/ glue, remover & tweezers

The result!

I used about 12-15 regular lashes on each eye for this look and I used every length - short, medium, long.  The long is probably about 13mm because it's comparable to when I got extensions professionally.  As you can see from the pictures, my lashes don't look as full as they did with the flares.

  • only $9.99 CDN from Winners
  • less embarrassing if one of these lashes fell off onto your cheek
  • more customizable since the lashes are separate
  • comes with more glue & adhesive remover
  • slightly more difficult to apply and angle lashes the right way
  • you have to apply a lot of lashes to get a full, thick look
Which one do you think gave me a better result? Which one are you going to try or have you already tried?  Let me know! :)

To sum it ALL up, I like both but for different reasons!  I like the flare lashes because they were much easier to apply and give a fuller look...but I like the regular lashes because if one were to land on my cheek, it'd be less embarrassing than a clump of lashes sitting there or missing from my lash line.  The regulars were significantly more difficult to apply but because they are lighter, they will stay on better.  Both styles have their pros & cons so it's really about personal preference.  Hopefully I've helped you see which one would be more of what you're looking for!  Either way, you will end up with long, gorgeous lashes!


How long do they last?  To be honest, it depends on a bunch of things.
  • How well you apply it  - if you use enough glue, if it's stuck onto your natural lash properly
  • How careful you are with them - don't rub your eyes, wash eye makeup off carefully, use oil-free products & makeup remover
The box says that it can last you up to 4-5 weeks but I'd give it a couple weeks.  My friend who has been using them said she used a more generous about of glue (but not TOO much because it could show) and it lasted a good two weeks before they started falling out.  When I applied the flare ones, I had one fall out the next morning and then another fall out while I was out for dessert that night haha By Day 2, I was able to pull them all out to apply the new kit. With the regular ones, I had a couple fall out during the day.  When I had extensions professionally done, they lasted me a good month before I had to get them filled.  I think that once I get better at the application, the lashes will stay on for longer and I won't have to check my face ever few minutes for clumps of  Overall, I still think it's worth it because it's only $10 :) It's quite fun to apply and once I master the application, it'll last.  But I also think that professional lash extensions for $60 at Noir Lash Lounge is still worth it because it's more dependable and the results are noticeably better!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Marcelle Review 2/5 - Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Duo

So today was my last day at work (I had a 5-month contract position) and I'm not gonna lie, it's a little sad to leave.  I met some really great people, got to take on many different tasks and more responsibilities, enjoyed the Olympics while working Downtown, and even got to participate in a team curling event!  Good times.  I gained some good experience and now all I can do is hope that something opens up, or that I find something similar elsewhere :)

Alright, we're on to the next Marcelle product review!  This e/s is awesome...and I highly recommend it.

Marcelle's Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Duo in SAHARA

I use the light colour all over my eyelid and the dark brown colour on the outer edges of my eyelid.  This e/s blends amazingly well and has great pigmentation.  You only need one sweep to get the e/s onto the brush; I know many other shadows where you have to swipe it over and over again to get some colour on it.  Also, I like this specific colour because it would match w/ all skintones and is perfect for everyday wear.  I've been wearing it every day of work since I started using it!

As you can tell from the pictures, it's a very natural, soft look...but I love how blendable and pretty the e/s is!  It's also very buildable but I didn't go too heavy, since I was going out shopping the day I took these pictures.  So let's weigh it out...

  • Very blendable
  • Nice colour
  • Cute case & easy to open
  • Includes an applicator for on-the-go
  • Great staying power
  •  Selection of colours are limited (I want more!)
Overall, I really love using this e/s for its ability to blend well.  I like the colour as it works for every occasion since you can use it to give yourself a natural look or darken the look and give yourself a more dramatic, sexy look.  This is a great eyeshadow - you will love it!

On another note, I just had my first makeup haul!  Since my boyfriend's away in Cuba, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to have my own solo I went to the States for a day of shopping on my own!  I thought it'd be super relaxing but I gotta admit, it felt lonely at times.  BUT I had a super successful shopping day and didn't get taxed at the border! Woohoo!

Here's what I picked up from Sephora & Target.  The only items from Sephora were the Tarina Tarantino lipstick and the Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper...both of which I already think are awesome.  The rest, I picked up from Target for dirt cheap!  Throughout the aisles, random items were marked as "Clearance" for only $0.68-2.68.  The Ardell lashes (one's for one of my girlfriends) were recommended to me by a friend.  They're semi-permanent lashes that you can apply by yourself!  I have yet to try it but it seems pretty easy to do.  I'll let you guys know how it goes..haha  The Maybelline eyeliner (one's for another one of my girlfriends) was also recommended to me by a friend, Makeup Mama.  I tried it today and already love it.  I've thrown out my Wet n Wild cream liner as this one definitely trumps it.  Some of the above items will be in my first Giveaway - so stay tuned ;)

I'm off to take a quick nap and then I have to get ready for tonight!  The Beatnuts are performing at Fortune tonight and since I don't have work tmw, I got a group together and we're gonna go party party!


I forgot to try the Marcelle eyeshadow wet, as this e/s can be used wet or dry.  This is the first time I have ever used an e/s wet and I gotta say - I love it!  It makes the colour come out a lot better and as long as you don't use too much water like I did the first time, it works terrifically.

From the photos, you can see that the brown e/s is quite significantly darker than it was when I used it dry.  I was happy with the results from both techniques and either way still blended well.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marcelle Review 1/5 - Le Gloss

Finally, my first Marcelle/Annabelle review!  Sorry it took me so long, guys.  Had a busy weekend, as it was the last weekend of the Olympics (never been so proud to be Canadian in my life!), and then I was trying to spend as much time as possible w/ the boyfriend before he left for Cuba on a stag.  Man, I would LOVE to be lying on a beach right now...but instead, I'll hitting up the tanning salon hahah I can't be pasty white when he comes back all nice & tanned, y'know ;)

So I was given the privilege of testing out a few Marcelle products and the first one I am going to share with you is Annabelle's Le Gloss lipgloss!  I'm going to review them together since they are the same product & fairly similar in colour.

Top: Supernatural
Bottom: Liquid Honey

The applicator

  • Non-sticky (that's huge for me)
  • Easy to apply
  • Nice packaging
  • Colours would go well with any skintone
  • Very shiny
  • Doesn't last very long (but I don't mind applying often)
  • Not a wide range of colour selection in store (but that could change in the future)
  • Not much pigmentation (but if you're looking for sheer colour, then this is the gloss for you)
Overall, I'm a fan of this lipgloss!  And as you can tell from my "but..." added to my list of Cons, there isn't really much bad about this product.  I have several different lip products so I use them accordingly.  If I want staying power, I'll wear a lipstick or stickier gloss.  If I want hydration or just a bit of colour, I use chapstick, lip balm or lipgloss...and my preference for lipgloss is usually non-sticky just like this Annabelle product.  For me, glosses being non-sticky plays a huge factor in how much I like the product.  I can't stand when fluff or my hair gets stuck to my lips...who does, right? haha  Anyways, I recommend this lipgloss - you'll like it.

Btw, I'm only 1 follower short of hitting 50 (man, that happened faster than I predicted)...and when I hit 50 followrs, I plan on doing my first giveaway!  I can assure you that it's going to be a good one! Will YOU be my 50th?!  :)

***Update*** 03/05/10

Thank you for the feedback, ladies!  Here are the swatches - Left colour is Supernatural, Right colour is Liquid Honey.

With Flash
(Sorry it's a little blurry)

Without Flash

In the photos, Liquid Honey looks quite a bit darker but on my lips, they look quite similar.  I guess when you really look at it, Supernatural is more of a pinkish colour and Liquid Honey is more golden or brown.  Anyways, hope this helped you get a better feel for the product! :)