Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hair Care

As some of you may recall, I borrowed a book from the public library called KISS: Guide to Beauty.  Well, I've renewed it twice so that I can get through it.  It's a big textbook and I've been hooked on my other novel...haha

Today, I am going to share some good tips on hair care!  We all want to have strong, healthy here are a few tips on how we can make that happen.

Shampoo is only required to sweep the dirt off your hair but some harsher shampoos also take away your protective sebum, which could result in damaged hair.  When washing hair, concentrate shampoo at the roots of your hair and allow the shampoo to flow down your hair as it is rinsed out.  It isn't necessary to lather your entire head as it creates tangles and dries out the ends.  Also, it is not necessary to wash your hair everyday as it could be damaging...instead, you could just skip the shampoo and only use condition every second day.

Not every hair type required a conditioner but most do.  Conditioner adds moisture to our hair and lubricates strands to reduce static electricity which also keeps hair from getting dry/brittle and making hair easier to brush.  For those w/ fine, thin hair, body-building conditioners are great because they are so light that they don't add a lot of moisture which would weigh down your hair.

Semi-homemade spray-on conditioner recipe:
8 oz spray bottle (available at drugstore or dollar stores)
1 tablespoon of your favourite conditioner

Please a tablespoon of your favourite conditioner in the spray bottle, then fill it up with water.  Shake well before using to control frizzies, condition dry ends, or to treat dehydrated hair.  Note: For less conditioning, use less conditioner and vice versa

Homemade deep conditioner recipe:
4 teaspoons almond, sesame, or avocado oil
2 teaspoons coconut oil (available in health food stores)
3 teaspoons honey
1 teaspoon cider vinegar

In a saucepan, slowly heat all ingredients except for the honey & vinegar.  Remove from heat, allow to cool, the stir in the honey & vinegar.  After shampooing, massage the mixture into the hair, comb gently through the strands and leave on for 15 minutes.  Rinse well with warm water.

A few more quick tips:
  • Don't comb/tug roughly while hair is wet, only dry hair should be brushed
  • Only use tight hair clips or ties 2-3x a week
  • If you like using your blow-dryer, make sure to get a thermal formula to protect your locks
  • Use a gentle shampoo; you only need the soap to remove excess dirt
  • Use the conditioner appropriate for your hair type (fine, damaged, colour-treated, tangle-prone, dry, oily, etc) to get the best results
  • Natural boar bristle brushes help removed dirt from hair shaft and distribute moisturizing sebum from scalp to hair ends
  • Thoroughly brush dry hair (10-15 brush strokes), starting upside down from your neckline and around the rest of your hair "against the grain" to create fullness and in the long run, possibly avoid bald spots
  • Treat yourself to a scalp massage w/ scalp oil once in awhile
  • Find a good hairstylist (I recommend The Scissors in Burnaby on Edmonds St)
I'm trying to grow out my hair right now so I want to keep my hair healthy as possible.  I think I can definitely learn to let my hair down more rather than tying it back all the time.  One thing I swear by is using a thermal formula (I recommend Tre Semme's) as it makes my hair feel soft afterward with zero build up!  I can really tell the difference when I don't use it.

I hope you found a few tips to try out on yourself and to help keep your hair healthy!  If you have any tips of your own or suggestions for shoulder length hair styles for me, please feel free to share them :)


  1. These are great tips. Might read this book. =)

  2. thanks for tips.. very usefull :D

  3. Hey Sheena, I got your text (although a little too late to text back). I'll have to check out that OPI nude when I go get a few $3 cuticle pushers!! Can't believe how cheap they are.

    Yah, Socialite was fun. Try to get Amy though if you decide to go. She's the owner and she was great.

    btw, I haven't had the chance to go pick up your hair products yet since I can only go on a Monday before school but there's no school today cuz of the holiday. I'll do it next monday Sheena, I need some stuff from there anyway.

  4. Such a great gift for friends. I don't know whether they come with packaging or not...shady. But I know that they're definitely worth more than that. They one I picked up at the spa and esthetics show was $14 (and they're usually discounted at the shows).

    And I still have one more Annabelle review to come!

  5. Haha, I'm the last 3 comments on this post! I answered your cnd polish question in my comment box in case anyone saw youru question and wanted to know about it.

  6. Thanks for the comment Sheena! I think I need to grow my nails out so I have more canvas to work with ;)

    You don't need a UV lamp to set the acrylic paint. It dries really fast and then you can just apply top coat to seal it in. Happy painting!

  7. Haha, looks like I'm stalking your comments page. Thanks so much for the link on your fan page! I feel honoured :) But I had to take the nails off for class yesterday **sobs** All my hard work...

    Oh and that's a great price for the nail paint. Did you get the long brushes? They help in making lines and small, intricate designs.

    I'm going to grab your shampoo and conditioner today!

  8. Hi! It's Klaudea :)
    I didn't know you had a blog! I like your post abt the hair care. Have you ever tried the organic line call Clean? It's available in most drugstores and I absolutely adore their leave-in conditioner! Plus it's all organic which is a major + for me!

    Nice meeting you at Kittyland & Portabello!

  9. Hey!

    I hope you like the leave in conditioner. I just checked in my bathroom and the brand is actually "Live Clean" instead of just "Clean".

    They have quite an extensive line at Shoppers, with treatments for oily, dry, colour treated hair etc etc. The price point isn't bad either ranging from $7-$10 depending if you buy on sale or not. I know Walmart also carries the line as well.

    In terms of other tips for hair, my bf Lawrence's hairstylists warns against using any type of oil on your scalp. He says any conditioner or treatment should only be applied to hair ends or hair itself but NEVER on the scalp. Reason being, if oil gets in contact with the scalp you run the risk of plugging up the follicle and killing the hair root which would result in hair loss and balding. I've stopped using conditioner completely in the shower and I just stick with leave in conditioner on the ends because my hair is quite oily.

    Anyways, thats enough hair babble from me!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Ahhh so sorry! I didn't know you went to look for it already! I feel so bad :(

    My apologies.

    Anyways, LemonPie is headed by me and the boyfriend. Since I'm the art student I handle all things visual related like product design, website, advertisements etc and the Boy handles all things business related (since he is a graduated Business major).

    We just started this month and we sell "monster pillows" which are essentially pillow animals. Currently we have 5 in our line up a Lion, Lobster, Hippo, Octopus and Dino but we will be expanding real soon to other animals and other products.

    We essentially started this up because we wanted to flex the skills we've learned in school and basically to further our experiences and so far it has already been super rewarding since we've already learned A TON, and met a bunch of really great folks!

    :D Our etsy site is linked on our blog and you can check it out when you're free so you will know what I'm talking about! LOL

    How about you? What are you into? (besides hair care! :D)

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