Friday, May 7, 2010

Spend Less, Stay Gorgeous

I accidentally took a 1-hr nap after eating at Society, a trendy new restaurant participating in Dine Out Vancouver, and now I'm WIDE awake at 4:30am...but it's okay.  Since I woke up from the nap, I had a 2-hr workout, designed my business cards, filed my nails and checked out a couple of blogs!

So, today I'll be sharing some ideas on how to beautify your outer self while on a tight budget.  That's not to say that you can forget about your naturally beautiful inner self though ;) hehe

With the economy these days and HST taxes approaching, we'd all love to save some money without sacrificing our beauty. Here are some ideas on how to do so!

Just being a blogger could get you free products!  A lot of make-up companies out there send bloggers loads of products to test and review.  I'm lucky enough to receive something in the mail every once in awhile :)

Not sure how many other beauty shops do this but Sephora supplies samples of make-up when you want to test one out.  I went there to pick up a couple of foundation samples because I was tossing between Lancome & MUFE, and they give a pretty decent size sample!  I've only tried each one once so far, but I'm pretty sure the amount could last for 4-5 uses.  I'm also glad I asked for samples 'cause the foundation I was originally going to buy really didn't work well w/ my skin type.

No skills necessary!  Last week, my friend asked me to attend her nail tech class for a manicure.  I got the real deal - filing, buffing, cuticles, massage, polish.  She gave me a full manicure free of charge and it was lots of fun!  I even gained some hair tips from her teacher..bonus! hehe  At the same beauty school, I've helped out a friend's friend who needed a model to do make-up application on.  Her exam required her to do a Day look and an Evening look, and I got to leave w/ the Evening look on!  Very fun.

A lot of people are drawn away from new trainees at salons, but just like I trusted my friend to do my manicure, I trusted a lady at my lash place to apply lash extensions on me!  The application was free (reg $65) because she has to complete 200 hrs of training.  The lashes didn't last long and they weren't perfect, but it was still nice being pampered and at least I had the glam look for a few days :)  She also offered a free fill (reg $35) but I was going to Seattle and took them all out so that I wouldn't have to worry about them.

All of the above ideas are for FREE products & services but there are also plenty of ways to beautify yourself in an affordable fashion.  I always check on Craigslist in the Beauty section.  You can often find specials on nail or waxing services, cheap massages, students looking for models (make-up app, cut & dye, hair styling, etc) or even sales on products in store.  Another way is to keep an eye out for make-up tradeshows or other events where you can score some crazy deals on products!

Well, there you have it!  Those are my techniques :)  What do you do to stay glamorous, get pampered and continuously add to your make-up collection?


  1. Great idea! I like the idea about modeling especially. My wedding photographer has asked me to get a free makeover from her so she can add me to her portfolio now that she has launched her own business.

  2. Great post Sheena! And I'm glad you trusted me ;)

    As for Illamasqua in Seattle, you have to go to the downtown Seattle location. It's the only one that carries it. I LOVE the Satin Primer, makes my skin look dewy and fresh and helps my makeup last. You know...if ever you want to pick up a couple samples!

  3. Great suggestions. I am starting on beginning a blog. A scary experience a little bit at first when you are a perfectionist like myself. :) Did not even think of asking for samples!