Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Check out this site - LivingSocial

When you join via this link, you get $5 "deal bucks" to use towards your first deal!  It's free to sign up for LivingSocial and there are no obligations.  Free $5 - why not, right?

There's a new deal EVERY DAY and they're pretty sweet.  I just purchased a Deluxe Mani/Pedi with paraffin at this nice "green" spa for only $40!  I've also come across many others for 50%+ off!

Also, the sweet thing is that after you buy a deal, if you can get 3 others to use your personal link to purchase the same deal, you will get your deal for FREE!  You have til the end of the day to do that so it's always best to check the daily deal in the morning ;)

Use Facebook, your blog, Twitter, etc to spread the word about this!  Every girl loves a deal.  I love that I'm helping others find sweet deals and benefiting from it myself too!  Win/Win!

There are deals for all over, especially in the States - so check it out!


  1. Hey this sounds just like "Groupon"
    Which one is better? Larry joined both and he's always telling me about the deals. I cancelled my groupon because I got annoyed with all the emails haha! I'm such a lame-o :) but it's ok I get live broadcasts from Larry :)

    When are we getting together again? Larry & I had fun with you guys last timmeeee ! ^^

  2. Oh love the nails very funky