Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My finds at the Portobello West market

Another long overdue blog for ya'll...hehe I attended the Portobello West market at the end of May and was quite impressed!  There were tons of vendors selling everything from clothing to lotions to jewelry.  There was no chance of me leaving empty-handed.
I walked around most of the market before I made my first purchase.  Was tempted to buy a LOT but I thought I'd scope out the place before I end up buying one item for every table...and there were like, 50 tables!

My first purchase was from Bling Squared!  A couple owns the company (though the wife wasn't there) and they have a ton of unique designs.

For $30, I got a super cute glass sculpture Octopus necklace!  They also had pandas, ninjas, piggies, mice, and a couple others.  Super unique, super fun!  If I ever saw them again, I think I'd purchase the ninja octopus :)

My next & final purchase was from herrohachi tees!...which also happens to be a friend's friend (didn't realize until AFTER I purchased it) who I had met a few days earlier at the Kitty Candyland event!

My boyfriend & I purchased our first matching tees...haha They are so awesome that we couldn't resist.  Each of our tshirts came in a cute chinese takeout box, sealed with the "herro?" sticker.

What a creative business idea!!  Check out herrohachi tees' Facebook page and soon to be launched website.  Plenty of other cool designs at very reasonable prices.  Their stuff is so awesome that I have invited them to my event, the Urban Glamour Market!  If you live in Vancouver, I hope that you will come out to support, drink a little, eat a little, and shop a lot!  This event is also made to be a social/networking event where companies will be showcasing and selling their products.  I am very excited about it as I know it will be as super fun night!

Tomorrow night, I am determined to play around w/ my new nail art expect a post on how that goes soon ;) Have a great week, everyone!

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