Thursday, April 1, 2010

Skin Rev-er Upper

Never again will I take a nap!  No, I probably will again...but it's 4:57am and I'm WIDE awake because I napped from 4:30-6:30pm.  I was lying in bed playing games on my iTouch (Monkey Flight - I just installed it and it's super addictive, but silly) until I figured, I might as well just get up and do something since I won't be falling asleep anytime here I am, blogging! :)  I might as well stay up for another hour too because my boyfriend & I set our alarms for 6:00am to change my Facebook status to "no longer in a relationship" as an April Fools joke for those who go crazy over that shiet...muahahaha

Anyways, this morning, I will be reviewing the Bare Escentuals i.d. bareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper.  It is absolutely amazing!!  How I found it?  I was cruising Sephora's website for foundation, was reading up on the BE powder foundations and then saw this lotion as a recommendation!  I checked out its reviews and there was a lot of positive feedback, plus it was only about $21 CDN and that doesn't seem that expensive when you're shopping at Sephora...haha

What this Rev-er Upper is supposed to do is even out your skin tone when it's dry/oily and give you a nice, smooth surface to work on when applying makeup.  Many reviewers used it without makeup as it improves the health of your skin and gives you a glow with continuous use.

I bought it and I absolutely love it!  Over the Winter season, I had an issue with flaky cheeks and an oily t-zone.  The first day I applied this, that problem disappeared!  It literally smoothed out my skin and gave me a nice canvas to work with.  It also spreads really well so all you need is one pump of the Rev-er Upper and you're good.

The instructions say to use it under face lotion or alone.  I've been using it under my regular face lotion and because it's so lightweight, there isn't even any difference in how my regular lotion feels!  The Rev-er Upper also helps my regular lotion spread smoothly so I end up applying less, which saves on lotion there AND I gt all the added benefits listed above!

I can't say enough how great this product is, and that's why I'm not even going to bother listing out Pros & Cons...because I have no Cons!  I love the bottle, I love the pump, and I LOVE the product!


  1. Sounds good :)
    I'll have 2 definitely look into this product

  2. great find! do you think there are cheaper dupes out there?

  3. Hey Sheena, yah definitely a good idea to clear out the clutter. I had so many unused items and I just want them to find homes where they'll be loved :P

    Pending means that someone has spoken for that item, but the payment hasn't gone through yet. If payment goes through it gets a **sold** tag, if not, it gets put up for sale again. hth!