Tuesday, June 22, 2010

INSANITY Workout - Week 1

I have lots and lots and lots and lots of material to blog about but I've been pretty lazy about uploading/editing/posting pictures.  Promise I will get to it sometime this week because I really want to share some stuff w/ you guys!

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Until then, I'd like to find something that's fast & easy to post on my blog to keep you all entertained!  I've chosen to share with you my experiences during the BeachBody INSANITY 60-Day Total-Body Conditioning Program!  My boyfriend & I started it last Monday and it has been INTENSE...or should I say, insane?

What you need: The DVDs and yourself!...and water & a towel!  You don't need any equipment, not even a yoga mat.  I love that part because it takes the excuse away of not having the right equipment and just makes set up a little easier!

Day 1 - Fit Test
We followed a bunch of different exercises and did as many reps as we could in the allotted time.  We recorded our stats and then every two weeks, we'll do the Fit Test again to see our improvement!  Our next Fit Test is on June 28th.

Day 2 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
I was pretty damn sore from the Fit Test (especially because my competitive side took over and I pushed even harder to beat my boyfriend's records) so this workout was tough.  To be honest, I could barely walk because my core & my calves were so sore!  I powered through the 40 minute video and managed to finish it, with a few breaks...but even the pros in the videos need to take breaks sometimes, so I didn't beat myself up about that.

Day 3 - Cardio Power & Resistance
I was suuuuuuper sore from the previous days so I thought it would be impossible for me to do this workout.  I could barely turn on my side when I woke up because all the muscles felt like they were working it to their max! haha I walked like a slow robot throughout the day to avoid feeling the muscle aches...but there was no avoiding the pain.  But I couldn't quit!  My boyfriend challenged me to complete Week 1 and then he'd take me on a shopping trip the States - that's some good motivation!  After the intense warm up, my muscles were good enough to get through the 40 minutes.  I made sure to have a recovery drink after that one.

Day 4 - Cardio Recovery
I don't think it's fair that they use the word "recovery" because the workout is still so hardcore! haha I guess it was still a nice break from the craziness but I still dripped sweat and felt completely done by the end of it.  By the way, I forgot to mention that I am dripping sweat by the end of EVERY workout...and I don't usually "drip" sweat.

Day 5 - Pure Cardio
Pretty much every day is cardio, getting your heart rate way up, but this one was PURE cardio.  Another intense 40 minute workout to help you burn fat and improve your endurance!  My endurance was already improving by this day and I was learning to breathe better too.

Day 6 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Same video as Day 2 but this time, I didn't start out with aching muscles, stopped way less, and felt stronger through exercises!  I was feeling pretty good about the INSANITY program because I was already noticing results.

Day 7 - Every Sunday is a REST DAY!  A part of me actually missed the workout that day, but my body needs to recover.  I think I will go rollerblading or use our recumbent bike on Sunday, just to get that fulfillment :)

I just completed Day 8 and am onto Day 9, but you'll hear more about that next Monday ;)  Let me know if you're planning on trying out this 60-day program to earn your beach body for the summer time!

Have a great week, everyone!!

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  1. Sounds pretty intense!!! Where did you get the dvd from?Did you download them online?