Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kitty Candyland

This blog is waaaaaaaay overdue - I apologize!  But the past is the past, and now I am dedicated to keeping up my blog :) Please come back to visit me, guys!

Anyways, I attended the Kitty Candyland event on May 26th at the Refinery in Vancouver.  The event didn't start until 8:00pm but we went an hour early to make sure that we got the giftbox (gift for the first 100 attendees).  There was no lineup so we went to SIP Resto Lounge beside it and drank a bottle of wine - it was half price, how could we not?! lol At 8:00pm, the line started forming (yes, we could've come right at 8:00pm and been okay to get the gift boxes still...haha) so we finished up our wine and joined the lineup!  There was a group of girls that arrived totally smashed and they couldn't even balance - not very classy.  Anyways, we got our ticket to collect the giftbox at the end and headed upstairs to the Kitty Candyland event!

The setup was gorgeous!!  Totally glamourous with big huge feathers, a cotton candy machine, a candy bar with cute little favors and a DJ.  At the end of the restaurant, there were a couple games going on and I won a sample of SJP's perfume!  Haven't tried it yet but maybe I'll wear it for my girls night next week :) The event was fun and I ran into a few friends...the only thing was that it was very crammed.  I found it hard to walk anywhere because it was so narrow and the servers struggled to get through the crowd with their trays full of food.  Overall, it was a super fun event and the giftbox made it TOTALLY worthwhile!

I believe I paid $15 and it included admission and a kittycard (otherwise it would've only been $10, if I didn't need a kittycard).  Because I was one of the first 100 people to arrive, I got this amazing giftbox full of all the above goodies!  My most favourite gift was the Luxe lashes!  There were tons of samples, coupons and little gifts inside which made my $15 admission fee soooo worth it.

Hats off to Lexie & her company for putting on such an awesome event and building her company the way she has!  To purchase or find out more about their fabulous discount card, check out their website:

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