Monday, February 15, 2010

Ari Beauty Nail

I don't think I know a single girl who doesn't love to be pampered.  Sometimes, I feel a little guilty going, especially when I'm lacking the income, but that problem went away when I met Arezoo.

Arezoo is this super sweet woman who has a home-based spa up in Yaletown.  It's a short walk from the Stadium skytrain, and there's plenty of street parking right outside her building.  Her place is cozy, relaxing and very clean (that's important when it comes to mani/pedi businesses).

Every time I go, I'm greeted with a warm smile and offered tea to make my visit that much more relaxing.  I usually go for the Classic Manicure/Pedicure combo for $30... that's right, ONLY $30!  On my last visit, I added the Akzentz gel overlay option to my hands and it was only $15 more.  I prefer the gel overlay, rather than fake gel or acrylic nails, because it is so much lighter and the perfect thickness.

The amazing thing about Arezoo is that not only is she affordable and a great hostess, but she is also a perfectionist with her work so you will always leave happy!  I've sent several friends to her and every single one of them has become a loyal customer.  I can't express enough how excited I was to have found her after I had my first appointment with her.


How long have you been in this industry for? 3 years.

How long have you had your home-based business? Over one year.

What do you love most about your job? I love nails and communicating with different people and getting new ideas.

Where are you from? I'm originally from Iran and moved to Vancouver almost 16 years ago with my parents.

Any tricks or tips you'd like to share? For those in the industry, I make sure my customers are always happy with the service and recommend what's best for their needs.

Your favourite nail polish colour? Bright colours, there's a new Hong Kong collection that came out on Feb 3rd. (Arezoo introduced me to my fave colour - OPI's "Ate Berries in the Canaries")

Arezoo's contact info
Phone: 604-818-0055

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  1. Fabulous great post

  2. hye glamour buzz.. i just found out that you are one of my follower.. thank you for that.. btw, may i know what make you interested in following my blog? i just curious. huhu.. hope that you will reply to at my blog's comment.

  3. Aww she sounds like a total sweetheart! :) And I love that she likes bright nail colors! :D

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