Thursday, February 11, 2010

My glam goodies from Seattle...

Hey everyone!

Apologies for being so MIA for the last 11 days!  Time flies... originally, it was because my internet was down, but it's up & running!  Then, it was because I was super sick but because I had to tough it out for my new temp job, I had to sleep whenever I could (and resist blogging) in order to get better faster.  But NOW, I am good to go.

So this past weekend, I went down to Seattle with a bunch of friends!  My boyfriend had to stay in town because he had prior engagements, but I wanted to party, shop, watch UFC and visit our friend who lives down I went anyways :)  I was planning on buying a sh*tload of make-up so I could be busy reviewing them forever, but by the time we got to Sephora & Wal-mart (my 2 fave places to purchase makeup), I had spent most of my shopping budget at Forever21 & Love Culture!  Oops.  I still bought a couple of awesome things though, and I will share with you my purchases...I'll even share my thoughts on them!

Foundation/Concealer Brush from Wal-Mart (~$3)

I wasn't shopping for a brush but this one was so dirt cheap that I couldn't resist.  I got this size brush to blend in any remaining streaks that I have after using my usual foundation brush.

  • Super affordable
  • Looks nice with the black shaft
  • Soft bristles
  • Multi-purpose (foundation & concealer)
  • Doesn't blend THAT well
  • Bristle quality lacks
Overall, I think it's worth it if you don't have high expectations for a brush!  I don't think I'll need to us this brush that often, so for $3, how could I go wrong?  What I really want for foundation is a stippling flat-top brush!  I'm just trying to find the right one.  Does anyone recommend the one at MAC?

L'oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara (~$6)

I think I buy a mascara just about every time I go down to the States, it's my own little tradition, I guess!  So far, my fave has been the L'oreal Voluminous's called "Voluminous" for a reason.  I was about to grab it again (it's very rare for me to get the same mascara 2x in a row) but then I decided to try something else's far more exciting that way haha  Anyways, I ended up with the Extra-Volume Collagen mascara.

  • Shiny, smooth black look
  • Easy to apply
  • Sleek packaging
  • Lengthens the appearance of lashes
  • Zero clumps
  • Doesn't make lashes look full
  • Lost the curl fast (but I can fix that problem w/ my lash perm next week!)
Overall, I really like it!  It's a nice clean look and once I get my lash perm (appt is on Monday), keeping my lashes curled w/ this mascara will be nooooo problem.  I liked my Voluminous mascara because it gave a very dramatic look and kept my lashes up quite well, but it was very clumpy.  I think I will use the Collagen mascara for day and Voluminous for night - they're both great!  We all know that asian girls have the hardest time finding a good mascara because our lashes are shorter and straighter - do you have any suggestions out there?

I will post my final Seattle makeup purchase tomorrow, because it's time for me to put on an episode of Scrubs and get to sleep.  The Olympics starts tomorrow and the torch is being passed in front of my work at 8:40AM!  Cool, eh?  Downtown is going to be crazy busy but I am looking forward to all the excitement!

But before I go, one last thing...

I painted my nails on Friday, January 29th.  This is how they looked on Friday, February 5th.  A week long with Seche Vite Top Coat and the only real damage to the look was my nail growth!  I don't know about you, but my polish used to crack like crazy by day 3.  I seriously swear by that top coat! haha

Alright, g'night, everyone!


  1. you know, oddly, seche vite always makes my nail polish peel.
    I love how when using it as a top coat, it makes everything dry quickly, and it gives great glassy shine... but by day 2, my polish peels off in chunks. =(