Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympics 2010 - it has begun!

Today was the opening day of the Olympics...what a crrraaazy day, but I mean that in good way!  I got to work early and then at about 8:10am, everyone went outside to watch the torch bearer run by our office building.  Even though we couldn't see anything, it was super exciting seeing everyone's Canadian pride.

Here's a glimpse at my day:

The torch bearer (I want to believe that it was Georges St. Pierre) ran past our building.  This was the best shot that I could capture!  He was running down Georgia St towards us, then took a sharp right to run to the Olympic clock (picture below).  Everyone then went to follow him, and then he turned around and ran back to the exact spot where we had been standing for the past half hour!...but because we moved to chase him, we missed him by about 10 meters!  Damn.  He totally had the crowd running in circles for him.

This is the Olympic Clock that sits infront of the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I took it before I went home, 42 minutes and 36 seconds before the opening ceremony!...which, by the way, was a huge disappointment.  I tried to tell myself that it wasn't that bad, but they made it really hard.  They scored points in the special/mystical effects category but the excitement/hype factor just wasn't all.

They paperwall'd our Art Gallery!  At first, I thought this looked really weird and tacky, but it has started to grow on me.  I kinda like it now!  It's very many buildings have you seen with giant wallpaper tacked to the outside??  You couldn't even put this size of wallpaper in a home, the smallest flower on here would take up an entire wall! haha

Anyways, I'm very much excited about the Olympics now :) The atmosphere is amazing and the countries feel so united.

Now, onto makeup! :)

Kat Von D - True Romance Eyeshadow Palette ($34 USD)
1 x Cream e/s - True
7 x Powder e/s - Solitude, Meditation, Agatha Pink, Sugar Skull, Peggy, Hard Luck, Tijuana

So this was the 3rd and final thing I picked up (makeup-wise) on my Seattle trip.  The Kat Von D e/s palette!  I absolutely looOoOoOOoove it.  All the colours are super gorgeous and highly pigmented.  I have yet to try the blue cream shadow but maybe I'll use it when I go out next weekend...any tips on how to apply it?  As for the Powder e/s, they go on smoothly and are nice & creamy, no blotchiness whatsoever! My favourite is the yellow/teal combo, I actually used it while clubbing on Saturday!  For work, I've been wearing Meditation (3rd from the left).

  • Gorgeous looking case
  • Creamy, well pigmented eyeshadows
  • Nice selection of colours - for day & night
  • Big mirror - great for travel
  • I can see the case getting dirty easily because of it's rubbery outside
  • Brushes supplied are pretty useless
Overall, this eyeshadow palette is freakin' sweet!  It makes me want to buy her other ones because of the quality.  7 shadows for $35 USD, not bad at all.  I am very happy with this purchase.

OH and before I go, I just wanted to correct myself from yesterday's post.  I did a review on the L'oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara and one of my Cons was that it didn't keep the curl in my lashes once I applied it.  Well, I checked out my lashes tonight (11 hours after applying it) and my lashes were still perfectly & happily curled!  I don't know what happened the first time, but I have new faith in this mascara.  If it keeps this up, I think I can fully replace my tube of L'oreal Voluminous mascara.

G'night, ya'll.


  1. This is a pretty compact & her products are not too expensive like some others!

  2. Ooh, I still haven't ben downtown. It looks festive.

    Yah, the maybelline one sets perfectly. I know what you mean about the wnw one. I found that if you try to go over your line it kind takes away some of the colour in streaks. The maybelline one is a lot better than that one. I don't like the wnw one at all.

  3. HAHAH. I cracked up about the torch bearer. How funny!(=

    Ooooh, that eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous<3