Monday, February 22, 2010

Flutter your lashes the moment you wake up

Gorgeous lashes can make a huge difference in your overall image - it could add more glow to your face, make you look more awake, or simply give you more to flirt with *wink wink* haha I was going to take that last part out but thought it was so awesomely cheese that I had to keep it in there.


I've done a decent amount of research on false lashes, eyelash extensions, and lash perms...and I'd have to say that lash perms are my favourite for the everyday type deal.  I've tried each of them and like them all, but some are better for certain occasions than others.  Here are my pros, cons & recommendations for each!

>> [Application: 3-10 minutes] The ones you glue on directly above your lash line.  These would be most appropriate for clubbing, nights out and photoshoots.  You can buy them as individual or small clumps of lashes, half lashes or full lashes...and in a billion different styles!  I'm not really down with wearing dramatic falsies during the day, but when worn at night, I think they look absolutely gorgeous!

  • You can change how dramatic you'd like them for each occasion
  • Several different styles, colours, etc
  •  If you don't put them on right, or without enough glue, they may fall off or look silly
  • Some can be quite heavy on your eye
  • Shu Uemura - $20+ - lots of gorgeous styles, great quality lashes and their glue is really awesome
  • Dai So ($2 store in Richmond) - $2 - large selection and for $2, how could you go wrong?
  • Make Up Forever - ~$16 - decent size selection and some very dramatic styles like Shu Uemura
>> [Application: 1 hour] Where individual lashes are attached to your natural lashes.  You can choose how dramatic, how long and how curved you'd like them to be.  They usually last for about a month and they fall out gradually.  I prefer to get 12-13mm long lashes and have them quite curved (don't know the measurement) so that they aren't drooping like blinds over my eyes.  Extensions are best when you have a lot of events to go to (ie: during the holidays or around a friend's wedding when there are bridal showers, stagettes and the wedding itself) or whenever you know that they won't get in the way.  You have to be quite careful with them to make them last; no eye rubbing or touching them w/ anything oily.  Still, I think it's totally worth it when worn for the right occasion.

  • Long, curled lashes 24/7
  • No mascara or eyelash curler needed
  • Your eyes still look dramatic w/o eyeliner
  • You have to be extra careful when wearing extensions (but this doesn't necessarily have to be a con if you don't make it one)
  • Depending on how long you make them, it can get in the way of sunglasses or prescription glasses
  • Noir Lash Lounge - $65 flat rate - friendly service, gorgeous store in Yaletown and they do an amazing job
  • Amy's Nail Design (no website) - $45 flat rate - more affordable but to be honest, I wasn't as happy w/ the results as I was with Noir's
>> [Application: 1 hour] Using a fragile enough chemical, your lashes are permed to a desired curl.  You can give them a natural curl or a more dramatic one!  I went with in between last time, and dramatic this time...I was much more pleased with the more dramatic look.  The perm lasts for about 4-6 weeks and I use Double Lash and Rapid Lash to keep them healthy & growing!

  • Don't need to curl everyday, which could damage your lashes over time
  • Still able to purchase mascara & use it (I love buying new mascara on a regular basis!)
  • Lashes stay curled, instead of straightening throughout the day
  •  If you don't go somewhere you trust, chemicals could hurt your eyes
  • Kaori @ Annex FK Beauty Group - $30 - only place I've tried but I trust her because she's an authentic Japanese lady (which often means they are perfectionists and know what they're doing w/ the lashes), extremely sweet, cheaper than many other places and conveniently located Downtown
Here are some photos of my permed lashes!

Permed, without mascara
Permed, with mascara

I am always looking to improve the look of my lashes and having asian lashes, that can pose to be quite a challenge sometimes.  What do you use to make your eyelashes look gorgeous?


  1. Ooh, I like this post. I used to do lash perming all the time, but kept going different places looking for a place that I really liked, which I never found. And I'd love to get the fakies put in, but I've heard horror stories from friends who lost all their lashes for whatever reason.

    And thanks for the comment. I'm going to Blanche Macdonald! Woot woot, models!

  2. Cute post! Love mascara for my lashes.. I've tried falsies, but it doesn't work for me. Lashes are a big part of my day! :-)

  3. woww i've never heard of this lash perming business! i really want lash extensions though! i'm actually trying to look for some falsies for my gradball coming up, do you recommend lash glue that dries clear or dark?

    and thanks for the offer for the post! i'll try to write something up sometime soon and let you know :) i've been bombed with consecutive midterms ><

    and about the staying power of that bronzer, i'd say its pretty good! i tried it out yesterday morning, i don't put on much but when i took it off at the end of the day with makeup remover i definitely noticed it on the cotton ball lol.

  4. nice review. lotsa info i got from your post!

    i have my first giveaway so check it out when you have time. :)

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  6. i am in LOVE with big fluffy lashes... ive worn falsies and have gotten eye lash extensions before, but ive never heard of perming your lashes until now.
    i have thick and long lashes (courtesy of lilash :) sooo the next step for me is attaining that perfect curl... will definitely look into this more :)