Friday, March 12, 2010

Ardell Flare vs Ardell Regular

This post is for all of those who ever love to glam up their lashes, whether it be for a certain occasion or for every day!  Personally, I like to go with the natural look on a daily basis, BUT I also love having gorgeous lashes 24/7.  A friend of mine recommended this semi-permanent lash kit by Ardell so when I went down to the States, I had to pick it up.  Let me share with you the two different styles:

Ardell Flare DuraLash

The Starter Kit

What you need: Starter Kit (lashes, glue, tweezers & glue remover for later), mirror, foil to hold glue and somewhat steady hands

 The result!

I used about 8 short & medium flare lashes on each eye which gave me this natural, pretty look.  I took my time applying it while watching Ugly Betty but I'd say that if you were focused on it, it would really only take you about 30 minutes...which is half the time and 1/6 of the price I pay going to a professional lash extension shop.

  • only $9.99 USD from Target
  • full, yet natural look
  • easy to apply
  • you have the choice of how long/dramatic you want to make it - you can choose from 3 different lengths and choose to put them all across the eye or just on the outer edges
  • starter kit supplies you w/ everything you need and will last for a long time
  • if it's not applied w/ the right amount of glue, it will fall off
  • when it falls off, it's embarrassing having a clump of lashes land on your cheek or missing from your set of lashes

Ardell Regular DuraLash

The Eyelash Extension Kit
 Regular lashes w/ glue, remover & tweezers

The result!

I used about 12-15 regular lashes on each eye for this look and I used every length - short, medium, long.  The long is probably about 13mm because it's comparable to when I got extensions professionally.  As you can see from the pictures, my lashes don't look as full as they did with the flares.

  • only $9.99 CDN from Winners
  • less embarrassing if one of these lashes fell off onto your cheek
  • more customizable since the lashes are separate
  • comes with more glue & adhesive remover
  • slightly more difficult to apply and angle lashes the right way
  • you have to apply a lot of lashes to get a full, thick look
Which one do you think gave me a better result? Which one are you going to try or have you already tried?  Let me know! :)

To sum it ALL up, I like both but for different reasons!  I like the flare lashes because they were much easier to apply and give a fuller look...but I like the regular lashes because if one were to land on my cheek, it'd be less embarrassing than a clump of lashes sitting there or missing from my lash line.  The regulars were significantly more difficult to apply but because they are lighter, they will stay on better.  Both styles have their pros & cons so it's really about personal preference.  Hopefully I've helped you see which one would be more of what you're looking for!  Either way, you will end up with long, gorgeous lashes!


How long do they last?  To be honest, it depends on a bunch of things.
  • How well you apply it  - if you use enough glue, if it's stuck onto your natural lash properly
  • How careful you are with them - don't rub your eyes, wash eye makeup off carefully, use oil-free products & makeup remover
The box says that it can last you up to 4-5 weeks but I'd give it a couple weeks.  My friend who has been using them said she used a more generous about of glue (but not TOO much because it could show) and it lasted a good two weeks before they started falling out.  When I applied the flare ones, I had one fall out the next morning and then another fall out while I was out for dessert that night haha By Day 2, I was able to pull them all out to apply the new kit. With the regular ones, I had a couple fall out during the day.  When I had extensions professionally done, they lasted me a good month before I had to get them filled.  I think that once I get better at the application, the lashes will stay on for longer and I won't have to check my face ever few minutes for clumps of  Overall, I still think it's worth it because it's only $10 :) It's quite fun to apply and once I master the application, it'll last.  But I also think that professional lash extensions for $60 at Noir Lash Lounge is still worth it because it's more dependable and the results are noticeably better!


  1. great review! i always wondered how these would look, i like the flare lashes ones on you! i do remember reading the back of these saying that it lasts for 4-5 they really last this long? or do you not recommend sleeping in them?

  2. Have you had them fall out yet? I wonder how long they last. I think I tried the lashtite glue with flares once a LONG time ago, but they just kind of fell off by the end of the day. They defo did not last as long as it said on the box, but I was young, so I'm wondering if my unexperienced self effed up the process!

  3. Hey doll, I've been wanting to try the individual fake lashes for so long, but I've been reluctant to because when I used to dance with Danceamerica and we had to wear the diamond lashes I was the one who could never put them on right lol, but anyways at 9.99 you can't go wrong, thanks for sharing. take care hun...those are at target right??

  4. I think the first one looks really good! I have yet to see Ardell lashes in NYC, but I'll be on the lookout for them! Great review!

    <3 Winsley

  5. oh okay, thank you hun! Rimmel is one of my fav drugstore brands but I havent tried the foundation, I definitely will!

  6. awesome review...the look difficult to apply, so I haven't tried them n have been sticking to the regular lashes...maybe once u master how u apply, you can give us some good tips ;)

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