Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marcelle Review 5/5 - Lux Gloss

Final Marcelle Review!  I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review so many great products, and here is the final product - Marcelle's Lux Gloss!

Marcelle's Lux Gloss in "Whisper"

  • Good staying power
  • Sticky enough to maintain good staying power, but not so sticky that it feels gross or gooey
  • Nice colour, but a little too metallic for my tastes
  • Nice packaging
  • Good brush applicator
  • A bit too thick for my liking
  • Metallic, but that's my personal taste
Overall, I'd definitely recommend this gloss!  The Annabelle Le Gloss Lip Shine glosses would be great for casual dates where you don't need long lasting gloss and just want some added moisture.  The Marcelle Lux Gloss would be best for nights out when you want your color to last.  Both are great to keep in your purse and I will be buying more colours.

Here are the swatches:

With & Without Flash

I've been really excited to share my most recent haul from Secret Nail & Beauty with you guys!  I went last Thursday and got so much for just over $40.

I purchased:
  • Matte Nail Envy - to strengthen nails
  • China Glaze's "Bare if you Dare" - illuminated peach
  • OPI's "Up Front & Personal" - shimmery beige gold
  • OPI's "Jade is the new Black" - jade green
  • OutTheDoor Top Coat - fast drying, comparable to Seche Vite
  • Crystal Nail File
  • Kiss Me Eyeliner - brush it on, slide it off
  • Cyclic soap - contains silver to get out bacteria
I'm thinking of implementing the "Up Front & Personal" polish for the wedding I'm attending this weekend.  I think it'll go nicely with my royal blue dress!

I will be doing a review on the OutThe Door Top Coat once I use it.  I've been purchasing Seche Vite all this time and then I came across this one that the sales rep said is pretty much the same, but cheaper!  It was $4.99 for the bottle but there are large refill bottles (prob 5-6 small btls worth) for only $14.99.

I'll also be reviewing the Kiss Me Eyeliner!  I bought this trial size one for $2.50 because I was curious about it.  It basically sounds like a semi-permanent eyeliner.  It apparently doesn't flake, smudge or come off when you rub it... you have to apply warm water or soak it with a cloth for it to come off!  Interesting, eh?  I've also met someone who wore Kiss Me Tube Mascara and it's completely clump-less!  It comes off easily like regular mascara, but it was a really nice clean, shiny look.  I think I will take a look at the package next time I'm at the store.

Well, that's all for now!  I'm off to start my job hunting :)

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