Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marcelle Review 1/5 - Le Gloss

Finally, my first Marcelle/Annabelle review!  Sorry it took me so long, guys.  Had a busy weekend, as it was the last weekend of the Olympics (never been so proud to be Canadian in my life!), and then I was trying to spend as much time as possible w/ the boyfriend before he left for Cuba on a stag.  Man, I would LOVE to be lying on a beach right now...but instead, I'll hitting up the tanning salon hahah I can't be pasty white when he comes back all nice & tanned, y'know ;)

So I was given the privilege of testing out a few Marcelle products and the first one I am going to share with you is Annabelle's Le Gloss lipgloss!  I'm going to review them together since they are the same product & fairly similar in colour.

Top: Supernatural
Bottom: Liquid Honey

The applicator

  • Non-sticky (that's huge for me)
  • Easy to apply
  • Nice packaging
  • Colours would go well with any skintone
  • Very shiny
  • Doesn't last very long (but I don't mind applying often)
  • Not a wide range of colour selection in store (but that could change in the future)
  • Not much pigmentation (but if you're looking for sheer colour, then this is the gloss for you)
Overall, I'm a fan of this lipgloss!  And as you can tell from my "but..." added to my list of Cons, there isn't really much bad about this product.  I have several different lip products so I use them accordingly.  If I want staying power, I'll wear a lipstick or stickier gloss.  If I want hydration or just a bit of colour, I use chapstick, lip balm or lipgloss...and my preference for lipgloss is usually non-sticky just like this Annabelle product.  For me, glosses being non-sticky plays a huge factor in how much I like the product.  I can't stand when fluff or my hair gets stuck to my lips...who does, right? haha  Anyways, I recommend this lipgloss - you'll like it.

Btw, I'm only 1 follower short of hitting 50 (man, that happened faster than I predicted)...and when I hit 50 followrs, I plan on doing my first giveaway!  I can assure you that it's going to be a good one! Will YOU be my 50th?!  :)

***Update*** 03/05/10

Thank you for the feedback, ladies!  Here are the swatches - Left colour is Supernatural, Right colour is Liquid Honey.

With Flash
(Sorry it's a little blurry)

Without Flash

In the photos, Liquid Honey looks quite a bit darker but on my lips, they look quite similar.  I guess when you really look at it, Supernatural is more of a pinkish colour and Liquid Honey is more golden or brown.  Anyways, hope this helped you get a better feel for the product! :)


  1. You forgot the swatches, lovely :-) I'm curious how they show up, considering they are quite similar in the tubes. I'm already one of the 49, so can't be your 50th, lol

  2. great review, these lipglosses look great for a summer bronze look :) i'm so proud of canada in the olympics btw :) did you watch the hockey game!? :P

  3. Ooh, I'd love to see swatches! I just bought on of these the other day, I think it was called Superstar, and I really like it. It's good for layering over lipsticks or lip stains.

  4. thank you for the great review and swatches and thank you for stopping by my blog hun! your blog is definitely cute! :D

  5. thanks for the review and swatches! i've seen these glosses before but have yet to try them out. they look pretty :) xx

    yay for finding another Canadian blogger! the Olympics were amazing. GO CANADA!! :D