Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marcelle Review 3/5 - Hydra-C Complex E Eye Contour

I apologize for my long absence!  Just got caught up with errands last week and then from Thurs-Sun, I attending another life course seminar called "The Wall" where we learned how to break down walls and better our relationship with ourselves.  I went with my boyfriend this time and I'm so glad I did.  It was an amazing experience and I'm so excited about moving forward in my life now!

Today, I will be reviewing Marcelle's Hydra-C Complex E Eye Contour Gel-Cream.  It contains Vitamins C & E and is Hypo-Allergenic & Perfume-Free.  The cream is used to help reduce puffiness & dark circles while also preventing the appearance of fine lines.

  • Nice packaging
  • I like that it has a pump
  • Doesn't irritate the skin
  • Hydrates
  • Pills on skin when I apply my under-eye concealer but is okay when I just use light foundation
  • Quite gooey
Overall, it's an okay product.  I haven't been able to see the difference in fine lines because I don't really have any right now, but I still believe in eye creams at the age of 23 for prevention.  Still, I much prefer Marcelle's makeup line than their skincare, to be honest.  I have only ever used Marcelle's eye cream & Usana's (which I sell on the side) and in comparison, the Usana one works best for me.

Here's a quick nail design using a deep red polish and white nail art brushes!  It was pretty quick & easy since it was just a solid colour underneath and the same design on each nail.  Try it! :)

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